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Quick ID Ford Tractors '39-'64. Check our full ID/History page for more detailed changes by year and model that can help with your identification. The easiest way to identify the year of your old Ford tractor is by the serial number. However, sometimes the number is unreadable due to some damage or ...

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When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo.This tractor repair instructional video demonstrates the steps to do a valve job and head gasket replacement on a Ford 700. These steps will also work on a F...Location. California. Tractor. Ford 7710, Ford 550, Ford 1910, Ford 4430, KD Forklift, Ford LGT17H, New Holland L255 Skidsteer. Look at the ledge of the transmission on the RH side above the starter. The date code is one of three numbers stamped in the ledge. The date code will be: #LETTER##LETTER such as 8A18B.Looking for the full registry of Ford and Fordson Tractors? View the registry to get the current complete list. Please email us if you need your equipment added to the registry! Complete Equipment Registry.

Browse a wide selection of new and used FORD 3400 Farm Equipment for sale near you at Login Dealer Login VIP Portal Register ... Ford 3400. Utility Tractors Configuration: Standard, Syncro, 2WD, Rear PTO: 540, Tire Width: Mid, Loader: Yes, Loader, Brush Guard, Bucket Loader Brush Guard Bucket Tire Width: Mid ...The four-cylinder (1962-1965) Ford 4000 series tractors were nearly identical to the 801 and 901 series tractors. Hydraulics: Type: open Pump flow: 5.4 gpm [20.4 lpm] The three-cylinder Ford 4000 series tractors, which debuted in 1965, were entirely different from the old 801/901-based 4000 tractor. Hydraulics: Type: open

The serial numbers for Ford 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000 give a lot of information but are a bit complicated to work out. If the explanation below doesn’t make sense to you give us a call on 00353 (0)44 9357912. The serial number is located as indicated opposite and has 3 parts to it, for example: C1023E. 2F19B. B234567.The Worthington folks assembled the rest. The front axle and steering gear are from a Ford 1/2 ton pickup while the 4 speed transmission and rear end are from a Ford 3/4 ton pickup. The frame is made from channel iron. The tractor has hydraulic brakes and a spring and shock type E-Z Ride seat. The rear wheel weights are an integral part of the ...

The Ford 6610 series tractors were manufactured from 1981 to 1993. Your 6610 was assembled on October 2nd 1981, therefore it is a 1981 model. The diesel engine is a 4 cylinder 268 CID (4.4 L). The engine & tractor were manufactured in Basildon. ... I need the VIN (vehicle identification number) most of the time it is 17 digit number .Jun 3, 2020 / Ford tractor, how do I identify the model #10 . R. Reb954 Platinum Member. Joined Nov 13, 2017 Messages 731 Location 20 miles from somewhere. Tractor ...That looks like a 2000 or 3000 diesel made from 1/1/65 through 3/31/68 which matches the serial number and date codes that you found so far. Nouveau_Redneck (A.K.A. Sean in PA) 1973 Ford 4000 3-cyl gas w/S-O-S & 60 inch Woods rotary mower; 2008 John Deere X500; 2015 John Deere X530; 2014 Kubota BX25D w/50" snow blower.Identify engine in a Ford 3000. Thread starter volp; Start date Sep 12, 2019; V. volp ... Sep 12, 2019 #1 I have just bought a Ford 3000 tractor made in 1965. I was told that the engine was replaced about 25 years ago. I have found a serial number just above the oil tray : *C 832600 and a production date code at the rear end which look like ...

Mfg, Date 6K31 = October 31, 1966. Model Number 31022A = Ford 3000 series tractor, all purpose, gas engine, transmission PTO 540 rpm, 4x1 speed manual transmission. S/N C155021 = Made in USA, serial number is consistent with October 1966 manufacture. The extraneous numbers beyond those above I do not understand, but I'm certain they have meaning.

The second generation of County tractors were introduced in November 1964. The 4 cylinder model was given the 654 badge, which was replaced by the 754 (based on the Ford 5000) in May 1968. The 6 cylinder version introduced in March 1965 was the 954 which produced 95bhp using the Ford 2703E engine until the tractor was replaced by the uprated 1004.

These images of Christine Blasey Ford's appearance before the Senate judiciary committee illustrate the the extraordinary nature of the proceedings. Images of Christine Blasey Ford...List of Ford tractor models: model code, engine displacement and horsepower, years of production. Search for: Home. Ford tractors Ford tractors. TRACTORS | LAWN TRACTORS . Tractors. Model: Engine displacement: Power output: Years: Golden Jubilee NAA: 2.2 L (134.0 cu-in) 20.2 HP (15.1 kW) 1953-1954: N-series: 2N:Add some age and wear to that poor early design and you’ve got a steering box that will never be able to fully eliminate the sloppiness in the front wheels. Late style 8N box ——— Early style 8N box. To upgrade to the later style box you will need a steering box and both pitman arms. The early pitman arms don’t fit the later box.Re: help to identify ford tractor in reply to alcid, 02-08-2005 18:37:35 There are two post about 3 and 7 down talking about this. There's a good pic of the stamp on my 641.9,700 pounds (4,400 kg) (ballasted weight) The Ford 5000 is a blue and white tractor that was produced from 1964 to 1979 by Ford. It was a mid-range tractor, suitable for European farms. The North American version was slightly different and was named the Ford Major. [1] A similar model, the Ford 3000 was introduced in the spring of 1965.Nov 2, 2018 ... Vintage Ford tractor shopping | 1953 Ford Jubilee, 8N, 9N, & NAA. 49K ... Identify Your Ford Tractor: 8N, 9N, 2N, Jubilee, NAA, 600, 800, 900 ...First, locate the date code. You’ll find it on the right side of your tractor, imprinted on the flywheel housing. Look just behind the starter and above the lug nut in the flywheel housing. You should find a series of three codes. The first is the tractor’s model number. The second is the production code. The final is the tractor’s serial ...

Identify ford tractor. Jump to Latest Follow 1K views 3 replies 3 participants last post by Raptor17 Nov 4, 2022. R. Raptor17 Discussion starter 2 posts · Joined 2022 Add to quote; Only show this …The four-cylinder (1962-1965) Ford 4000 series tractors were nearly identical to the 801 and 901 series tractors. Hydraulics: Type: open Pump flow: 5.4 gpm [20.4 lpm] The three-cylinder Ford 4000 series tractors, which debuted in 1965, were entirely different from the old 801/901-based 4000 tractor. Hydraulics: Type: openIdentify My Tractor Serial Number Lookup Tractor Identification & History. About F/FCA Contact Us Membership Officers and Directors Terms and Privacy PolicyThe 8N tractor model run was shortened by some of the rulings from the Ferguson lawsuit settlement and the fact that Harry Ferguson had been selling slightly more powerful TE-20, TEA-20, and TO-20 tractors based largely on 9N tractor plans obtained from Ford. The NAA tractors began coming off the assembly line late in 1952, marking the end of ...Middle number in second picture 3M6B or 3M8B - This is the Unit Number which is a code for the when the tractor was assembled, which is either December 6 or December 8, 1973, during the day shift, so it just had its 47th birthday. Third number in first picture - A224350 - This is the "Tractor Number", which is the serial number.32-52 hp Tractors published in 1985, by Ford: 32-52 hp Tractors published in 1986, by Ford: 32-52 hp Tractors published in 1987, by Ford: 2910 - 3910 published in 1983, by Ford: Generation III Traktorer Modell 3910 och 4610 published in 1990, by Ford: Tractor Buyer's Guide published in 1989, by Ford: Sales Reference Guide published in …Welcome to the Ford/New Holland Tractor Forum. The numbers you provided translate as follows: B - 2000 series (Note: Ford used the letter code "B" from 1968-1975. Prior to that they used the number code. If it was made in 1965, it would have been a "2" code) 10 - All purpose. 2 - Gasoline. 2 - Transmission PTO.

Member. Jan 23, 2024. #2. grizz665 said: What factory ford loader was for the ford 800. Probably the most common factory loader for the 800-Series was the 703-Series Model 19-97 (double-acting lift cylinders) and 19-105 (single-acting lift cylinders). B.Looking for the full registry of Ford and Fordson Tractors? View the registry to get the current complete list. Please email us if you need your equipment added to the registry! Complete Equipment Registry.

2000, 3000, 4000, 2600, 3600 3-Cylinder . Year Starting Serial Number; 1965: 100000 : 1966: 124200 : 1967: 161300 : 1968: 190200 : 1969Includes complete spec sheets for 3000, 4000, 5000 Ford tractors, lots of links to finding tractor parts, links to tools, and links to find model tractors. My tractor site has been visited : times since May 1999: Notice: No endorsement is given or implied to any vendor or business appearing on this site.Youll find a huge selection of pre-owned Ford tractors for sale in the UK. The most important criteria for tractor purchase are the planned use and the mechanical design. Beyond that, consider nostalgia, aesthetic design, and colour. Some of the other factors to take into consideration include the following:Shibaura. Compact Utility tractor. Built in Japan. Original price was $13,000 in 1998. Ford 1520 Engine. Shibaura 1.3L 3-cyl diesel. Engine details ... Ford 1520 Transmissions. 9-speed gear.By: John Smith about Old Ford Tractors. Identify My Tractor. Serial Number LookupHow to identify old Ford tractors: how to find the correct identification number on your carburetor before you order the parts and repair kit. This is absolutely necessary! So watch this free instructional video to save yourself time and frustration. In this newest series of tractor repair videos offered exclusively online at SteinerTractor.TV Rachel Gingell shares helpful ...May 10, 2017. #1. B1123C breaks down to-. B11= (211) 2000 LCG 1965-1975. 11=Low Center of Gravity (lcg) 2 = Gasoline. 3 = Live 540 rpm. C = 8x2 speed manual (4x1 + hi/low) so these numbers are for a Gas burner 2000 low center of gravity tractor, did these numbers come off the.The interest in old Ford tractors among collectors has rapidly increased in the last. several years which has also increased the demand for original parts, accessories (factory and period aftermarket), original sales literature, manuals, memorabilia, etc. Following are just a few examples of hard to find or collectible items as well as some ...

In Reply to: Re: Identify Ford Tractor posted by D Sellers on November 17, 2006 at 09:39:37: The only part that is differant between the 641 and the early 2000 series is the front center part between the side panels. Some of the first year 2000's had the round emblem on the front.

These wrenches were painted medium gloss black paint. 40-17017 wrench was used from 1933 to 1938 on V8's that used 18mm spark plugs. In 1938, Ford changed to the H-10 plug and the plug size was 14 mm. So they redesigned the wrench and named it 81A-17017. In 1940, the wrench was redesigned again to 2 different wrenches.

Model D1414c - D14 is a 4000 Special Utility (4000SU) model tractor. It is not a 3000. The main difference between a 3000 and a 4000SU is the 4000SU has a more powerful engine and a stronger double reduction rear axle with arguably better inboard wet brakes. The second 1 means it has a diesel engine.I am trying to identify this Ford 4000 (Select-O-Speed) tractor so we can sell it. Can anyone tell me what it will bring. It has been restored and runs good. I can email pics to you if needed. thanks I found these numbers on it: C3NN-7006-B C5NNB929K 26-99 7Utility tractor. Built in Highland Park, Michigan, USA. The Ford model 881 was the top end of the Ford 801 Powermaster series, featuring the Select-O-Speed transmission, hydraulics, three-point hitch, and a two-speed independent power take off (PTO). Variants. 981.Ford: Type: Utility tractor: Original price: $11,500 (1981 ) In 1977 was available as a utility tractor or row-crop tractor until 1977. After that, the row-crop version was designated the Ford 6700. Variants: 6600: utility chassis: 6700: row-crop chassis: Ford 6600 Power: Engine (gross): 75.5 hp8332101. 8356251. From early 1928 until 1953 Case used first a six digit, then a seven digit numbering system. To determine the year of manufacture for a tractor with a six digit number use the following formula. Take the first and the fourth digit, and subtract three to get the year. For example, the serial number of 395602 would be: 36-3 = 1933.The Dearborn accessory tractor jack. This handy gizmo can lift the entire tractor up at once to allow the operator to remove tires and adjust tread width. Folds up to a compact package for storage. The tractor uses its own hydraulics to raise itself. Thanks to John Smith of Old Ford Tractor for allowing us to use this information. The Dearborn ...755,278 (total) 747,681 (USA) 7,597 (Ireland) The name Fordson was used for two reasons. The "Ford Tractor" name was already being used by a company in Minneapolis. In addition, the Ford Motor Company shareholders had no interest in tractor production, so Henry Ford started an independent company for building tractors, …a model 4000, agricultural all purpose, diesel, live 540 pto, 8 speed. 1969, July, 12th of the month, afternoon shift. built in Basildon, England, serial number 123456. Use the data below to identify your tractor. FIRST PART OF NUMBER. Model. April '68 to 1975 (1965 to March '68 in brackets) B (2) 2000. C (3) 3000.

Uniontown, Pennsylvania 15401. Phone: (724) 631-7038. View Details. Email Seller Video Chat. 92 Ford 5610 2 Special Tractor diesel, man trans, 3 pt, pto, rear scv, 2 owner tractor SN: BD05774 Metered hours showing: This item is being sold at auction, May 2, 2024 at Quarrick Equipment & ...See More Details. Get Shipping Quotes.03-28-2005 16:07:15. Report to Moderator. I just purchased a Ford Utility 4400 1965 with backhoe and loader. The backhoe is a Ford 753 allright (the old sticker is still readable), but I can't identify the loader model. Looked everywhere and the main identification on it is located at the bottom of the big vertical part: the Ford logo is emboss ...Report to Moderator. Re: CONN 6015J casting confusion in reply to duckrock, 04-06-2008 17:55:45. The C0NN6015J block is a 172. The only difference in a gas and diesel with this casting number is the machining done to the block. The diesel has more head bolts so the deck is threaded with the correct size and location for the diesel head.New media Tractor Photos Implement Photos Vintage Photos Help Identify Parts & Pieces Stuck & Troubled Community Album. Tractor Parts. Tractor Manuals. What's new. ... Ford . (800) 853-2651 ...Instagram:https://instagram. fare fare metrocardreliabuilt doorshenry miller wikipediaharris teeter surf city 10292 posts · Joined 2008. #6 · Aug 3, 2016. The serial number and production code indicate it was made in 1979, not 1976. Also, the 445 was not made in 1976, it was made from 1978-1985. It is most likely a 1979 445. Getting that third number from up on the rough part of the casting would tell us for sure. eric chemi wikiapplebee's grill and bar tullahoma menu I am trying to properly identify a Ford tractor,so I can order the correct parts.I think it may be a 1974 7000,but I am not sure.Any help would be great.The info on the tractor is as folows: Model#- F1915M Production code- 4B28B Serial#- C416542 . Save Share. Like. Sort by Oldest first huntington bank banking hours Item #: 1100-5000. Front Mount Distributor for Ford 8N, 9N, 2N Tractor 9N12100. Every part is manufactured to OEM specifications for perfect fit and performance. In-stock items shipped same day when ordered by 4pm ET. Serving tractor enthusiasts in all 50 U.S. States plus around the globe.The best way to identify a tractor is by the serial number. Serial numbers on the 9N-2N and 8N tractors are located on the left side of the engine block, just below the head and behind the oil filter. The hundred series and “01” series tractor serial number location is on the flat area above and behind the starter. Ford 4000 Start to Finish.